Delivering digital services to connected citizens

07/11/2018 10.00 - 10.30

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If you’re building services for public consumption, you’re facing two massive changes. First, you’re flooded with data: Every sensor, citizen, and transaction generates information that can be harnessed to improve and analyze government. This forces us to reconsider what is possible—it’s not just about Digitization of physical processes, but about rethinking the job that we’re doing and making decisions based on data. And second, you’re facing rapidly changing expectations from citizens. Weaned on digital devices, and living increasingly connected lives, constituents demand immediate results, simple interfaces, and complete transparency.

It’s easy to see these dual pressures. But it’s harder to know how to use that pressure to produce real, sustainable improvement in service delivery. In this talk you’ll learn how government can leverage technology to respond to these two forces, improving satisfaction and make the most of the fundamental shift that’s happening in how governments and services interact.

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Joe Landers
Customer Service Transformation ConsultantServiceNow