Demonstrating what's possible: The Code for Canada Fellowship in review

09/11/2018 11.25 - 12.00

50 moisSalle 2Trame de contenu

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The Code for Canada Fellowship is an experiential learning program for government teams that helps to build digital capacity and kickstart culture change across the organization.

Code for Canada places technology and design professionals inside of government, where they bring modern digital tools and techniques to help public service teams deliver a digital product or tool while training staff in a hands-on and collaborative way.

Daniel Tse was one of Code for Canada’s first Product Manager fellows who recently wrapped up a Fellowship project with Farzad Fazeliani team at Veterans Affairs Canada. In this presentation, Daniel and Farzad will talk about their experiences, challenges and lessons learned applying 21st century digital skills and methods to build user-centric public services and programs at VAC via the Code for Canada Fellowship program