Igniting citizens - goodbye complainer and hello changemaker!

08/11/2018 13.35 - 14.10

50 moisSalle 2Trame de contenu

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In every community citizens see things that need to be changed and improved upon. While it’s a great thing to have people who care deeply, citizens often fall into a default role that includes mostly a lot of complaining about the problem—perhaps because they feel they don’t have the tools and power to make the change happen themselves.

But they do have the tools and the power.

In this session, David Alston argues that the only surefire way to make positive change is to get the citizens to lead it themselves. He’ll share stories of citizen-driven change happening in Atlantic Canada right now, covering concepts and practices that include social innovation labs, social investment funds, collective impact approaches, documentary-driven movements and more. David wants to leave you rethinking how you look at government, change-making and grassroots innovation.

David Alston
David Alston
Entrepreneur en chef en résidenceGouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick