One Team Gov Canada - a global movement, a community of innovators focused on radical public sector reform through practical action

07/11/2018 14.30 - 15.00

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One Team Government is a movement working to radically reform the public sector through practical action. It is a global community driven by optimism and the desire to make things better, and united by a set of core principles. The community is wider than just government and puts an emphasis on improving the services it offers to citizens and how they work. It believes the public sector can be brilliant, and is committed to making it so.

In the session Ioana will take you through how the One Team Gov movement got started in the United Kingdom, how it spread globally and specifically to Canada, the mission and principles that unite the community, and how you can get involved. They believe that together, we are unstoppable.

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Ioana Finichiu
Ioana Finichiu
Analyste des politiquesCommunauté des régulateurs fédéraux, Gouvernement du Canada