Opening the floodgates: When faster networks accelerate everything

09/11/2018 09.45 - 10.05

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Every time we speed up communications, the world changes. When we moved from dialup to broadband, we unleashed entirely new computing platforms: interactive websites and cloud computing. Ubiquitous mobility gave us a connected citizenry. And now, we’re poised for another fundamental accelerant—with a new set of transformations.

5G’s broad capabilities offer tremendous promise—and unseen challenges. It will force both public and private sector to reexamine their current systems and business processes. More than just network acceleration, there are broad implications for real-time data, resilient networks, increased security, edge computing, and even human augmentation.

In this conversation with Terry Halvorsen, CIO and EVP at Samsung Electronics and former CIO of the U.S. Defense Department, we’ll explore the vast implications of ultra-fast fifth-generation (5G) cellular technology.