Muhammed Y. Idris

Lead Developer, Compass

Resident, TED Conferences

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Muhammed is currently a resident at TED and the lead developer of a project, with support from the UNHCR, to leverage A.I. to connect refugee claimants with the resources they need and help organizations streamline their advocacy operations.

While its current application seeks to help refugees navigate the asylum seeking process, his vision is to help improve social services delivery for all through collective and artificial intelligence.

He has presented his work at numerous academic, policy, and industry conferences. Muhammed has also taught statistics and Big Data Analytics at Concordia and has maintained research appointments in Data Science, Political Economy, and Pediatric Public Health at Concordia University in Montreal and Harvard University.


Settlement & Social Services in the Age of AI

09/11/2018 14.20 - 14.55

50 yearsBreakout3Breakout session

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From self-driving cars to Siri, artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a disruptive force that is taking route in every aspect of our personal and professional lives. This talk will provide a non-technical overview of A.I. and in doing so, introduce some basic concepts and showcase some basic applications of A.I. to illustrate its value proposition...