Media materials

Here’s some content you may find useful if you’re creating content related to FWD50. Please note that all of this content is copyright (c) 2017 FWD50.


Here’s some quick copy you can use to describe the event:

FWD50 is a conference on digital government in Ottawa, Canada. Each year, hundreds of officials, academics, and innovators from over a dozen countries gather to chart the course of technology and society.

Here’s FWD50’s official logo.

History and details

FWD50 was founded by Alistair Croll and Philippe Telio in 2017, with the help of an all-Canadian team of event organizers.


  • Over 1,000 attendees
  • Over 100 speakers, moderators, and panelists
  • 39 distinct Federal, Municipal, and City-level government departments
  • 7 national delegations


Here are some images from the 2017 FWD50 conference. You can download a ZIP file of all images (it’s pretty big!) When using any of these images, please credit “Adam Leblanc | FWD50” in your publication. We’d also appreciate you letting us know where and how you’re using it.