Metadata: It's boring. We're bad at it. So let's automate it!

09/11/2018 14.20 - 14.55

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Metadata – or information about information – might be as problematic as it is
critical. Metadata can streamline business processes, improve employee
satisfaction and help to govern our most valuable assets – in other words, it has the power to transform government.

Unfortunately, we humans are terrible at applying metadata. This leads to
adoption issues and the demise of so many well-intentioned and potentially
transformative Information Management (IM) projects.

Fortunately, there are new digital tools that can create and apply metadata.
These new tools allow metadata to be determined in the background, based on rules specific to the business processes. Humans are removed from the process and we’re left with the benefits of properly categorized and structured data, ready to be used in citizen-facing services, new analytics activities, and in facilitating transparency and compliance.

This presentation, perfect for a non-technical audience, will focus on how AI
and integrations can be used to automate the creation and application of
metadata and why it’s important for enabling the next generation of
government services. It will also detail the benefits and challenges governments are facing as they transform the way they manage their digital assets.

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Stephen Ludlow
Stephen Ludlow
Vice President, Product MarketingOpenText