Organizational Readiness for Digital – 3 Views

09/11/2018 14.20 - 14.55

50 daysCircle StageBreakout session

Today’s organizations know there is a clear and present obligation to serve and support a digitized society, and as a result are looking to optimize business and organizational effectiveness by investing in digital transformation initiatives and strategies.

This exciting and thought provoking chain reaction panel will share their real experiences from their own digital transformations. Topics include:
Organizational readiness – It’s not just about the business, but the people, competencies and culture too!

Planning  – Change management is a key component, and an effective plan can get you well on your way to achieving short term and long term transformation milestones.

Taking the first steps – Strategies for success and how leveraging technology can support collaboration, accessibility, language, and the reworking of services, products, processes and procedures.

Lessons learned – What kind of early stage transformation road bumps might you hit? We’ll examine the challenges, lessons learned, small wins, and the need to envision (or have the ability to adapt) for the future.

Whether you have been through your own transformation and have lessons learned to share, or are embarking on the journey into major transformation, come and hear first hand how best to prepare your organization for digital readiness – the time is now!

Aneeta Bains
Aneeta Bains
Chief Digital Office and Assistant Deputy MinisterDigital Transformation Service Sector
Jean Scott
Jean Scott
National Director, Digital WorkplaceMicrosoft Canada
Liz McKeown
Liz (Elizabeth) McKeown
President of the Association of Public Sector Information Professionals (DPI) Chief Information & Departmental Security Officer at Shared Services Canada