Settlement & Social Services in the Age of AI

09/11/2018 14.20 - 14.55

50 yearsBreakout3Breakout session

From self-driving cars to Siri, artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a disruptive force that is taking route in every aspect of our personal and professional lives. This talk will provide a non-technical overview of A.I. and in doing so, introduce some basic concepts and showcase some basic applications of A.I. to illustrate its value proposition and broader implications for resettlement, integration, and social service delivery.

Included in the talk will be some lessons we’ve learned over the past few years from our work including best practices when dealing with the unique security and privacy requirements of vulnerable populations.

Ideal participants would be anyone (government, private sector, front-line organizations) interested in learning more about what A.I. is and what is not, and where to start when implementing a data strategy to streamline advocacy operations.

Muhammed Y. Idris
Lead Developer, CompassResident, TED Conferences