Annette Hester

Senior Data Visualization Expert

Contractor, National Energy Board

Annette Hester brings innovative approaches to working with data. Through her company, TheHesterView, she assembles leading experts in their fields into teams that deliver excellence in data structuring and data visualization. The quality of the design in her work reflects decades of experience in advisory and strategic policy services.

Until recently, she was a faculty member of the University of Calgary’s Haskayne Global Energy EMBA, where she was founding director of the university’s Latin American Research Centre. She was also previously a senior adviser to the Deputy Minister of the Government of Alberta, Canada, and part of the energy and environment policy team for the leadership campaign that saw Alison Redford elected leader and premier.

Mrs. Hester has extensive experience as a consultant for leading oil, gas, and energy companies in North and Latin America, and to governmental agencies in several countries of the Americas, primarily Brazil and Canada.


Art and Data: creating visual spaces that invite exploration

08/11/2018 12.00 - 12.35

50 daysCircle StageBreakout session

In the last decade, the amount of information society generates has exploded. A perfect storm of ubiquitous collection, powerful algorithms, and cheap computing have given us a Big Data revolution. Today, companies are either data-driven or they’re obsolete. Analytics are the foundation of both private-sector growth and public-sector policies.

But as economist Herbert Simon observed,...