Katy Lalonde

Executive Assistant/Chief of Staff to Hillary Hartley

Ontario Digital Service/Government of Ontario

Katy was a founding member of the Ontario Digital Service and is currently the Chief of Staff to the Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Minister, Consumer Services.

Over the past year her focus has been on building an agile, flexible and inclusive Ontario Digital Service. She has been in the Ontario Public Service for 10 years, including roles at Treasury Board Secretary developing I+IT strategies and technology policies with a focus on open source software and technology risk management.


Servant Leadership and Agile Governance in a Hierarchical World

09/11/2018 13.40 - 14.15

50 monthsBreakout2Breakout session

As a digital leader, your challenge is to create conditions to let agile, lean practices and design thinking survive and thrive in your organizations. But how does it work in a hierarchical environment that has its prescribed rhythms, processes and structures? How do you scale it when your organization moves from becoming a team of 75 to a team of 2400 overnight? Finally, how do you make it seamless...