Nadir Hirji


Strategy& and PwC Canada Digital Services Lead

Nadir Hirji is a Partner in PwC’s Digital Practice, with expertise and specialization in enterprise wide transformation, business model optimization/redefinition, product launch, change management and adoption.

At PwC, Nadir focuses on driving enterprise value in organizations by reinventing the digital experience for companies’ customers and employees. During his time at PwC, Nadir has helped companies shift their customer interactions and employee processes onto digital platforms for improved engagement, enhanced sales, and reduced process administration. From defining the strategy through to implementation, Nadir helps executives commit to their transformation plans to see real change.

Prior to PwC, Nadir was a Partner at Jackman Reinvents and Accenture. Nadir started his career at Razorfish in San Francisco and has worked with organizations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Nadir obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Alberta.


Accelerating digital transformation using agile and design thinking

07/11/2018 12.00 - 12.30

FastforwardCircle StageWorkshop

From retail to technology, many organizations in the private sector have mastered how to serve their customers in an engaging and meaningful way – shaping citizens’ expectations. In the public sector, jurisdictions around the globe still struggle with legacy systems and service bottlenecks that ultimately hinder the citizen experience. To fundamentally transform governments need to better harness...