Olivia Neal

Executive Director for Digital Change

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Olivia joined the Government of Canada last year and leads community management for the CIOs across the GC and drives special projects and initiatives for the community such as women in IT, Talent Cloud, Digital Strategic plan and collaborations with innovation accelerators such as Bayview Yards.

Olivia was previously with the UK Government, where she played a leading role at the award winning Government Digital Service for three years.

Olivia introduced and embedded the Digital Service Standard in the work of digital delivery teams across UK government. She has overseen the assurance of hundreds of the largest public facing digital services against the Digital Service Standard, helping teams across government meet user needs, and transform the way they work.

Her team worked with government departments to save over £300m annually, through assuring that digital and technology spend meets the Technology Code of Practice. She’s worked with countries from around the world to build understanding of delivering high quality digital services and developing digital culture, and has been integral in the development of Digital Service Standards for Australia, UK Local Government, and Scotland.

You can follow Olivia on twitter @livneal


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08/11/2018 14.15 - 14.50

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