Pavel Abdur-Rahman

Data Scientist & Associate Partner, AI and Advanced Analytics

IBM Canada

Pavel leads IBM’s AI & Advanced Analytics Consulting Practice in Canada, a high-performance team of data strategists, data scientists and software engineers who co-create industry specific solutions to drive 10X+ revenue growth and cost reduction opportunities.

For more than a decade, Pavel has been serving the top management of organizations in North America, Europe and Asia across many sectors including Financial Services, Natural Resources, Government and Healthcare, and is a frequent speaker on the topic of AI, advanced analytics, robotics and data science at industry conferences around the world.

Pavel has a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering (Operations Research) from the University of Toronto and Masters in Data Science & Advanced Analytics from Queen’s University.



08/11/2018 15.20 - 17.00

CirclesquareCircle StageInteractive session

At FWD50, we know that experimentation is key to growth and innovation. At last year’s conference, attendees told us they wanted a chance to network and discuss hot topics and specific domains. So in partnership with BlackBerry we created an entirely new, participant-driven format called Circlesquare.

We surveyed people to find the critical technologies and departments. And we chose these...