Ron Laudadio

Vice-President of the Emerging Technologies Group


Mr Ron Laudadio is a Vice-President of the Emerging Technologies Group in CGI Canada leading a team of professionals whose vision is to empower and inspire our clients with the new and emerging technologies they can leverage to achieve the accelerating demands of their market. Having leadership experience with Agile Software Development for fourteen years, Mr Laudadio’s leadership and guidance come from practice substantially supporting his client’s success with their transformations.

Mr Laudadio has spent the last nine years providing thought leadership with Agile Transformation to CIO’s of many of Toronto’s largest organizations. For decades Mr Laudadio has continued an impeccable legacy of strategically defining and leading teams to deliver value with the innovative use of technology to achieve ambitious business objectives.

His accomplishments include creating and leading an award-winning and disruptive start-up that redefined a market, and many large international programs for some of Canada’s most prominent corporations. His experience spans across the Finance, Insurance, Energy, Travel and Transportation, Retail and Government industries.

Mr Laudadio is a trusted, competent leader who inspires organizations to achieve great things through his ability to impart vision with enthusiasm and demonstrated personal commitment. He believes in creating a sustainable strength in organizations by building the careers and skills of employees through empowerment, building comradery and developing a culture that promotes continuous personal growth.


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08/11/2018 10.05 - 10.25

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