Shingai Manjengwa

Chief Executive Officer, Fireside Analytics Inc.

Founder, Fireside Analytics Academy

Shingai Manjengwa is the Chief Executive Officer at Fireside Analytics Inc., a Toronto based ed-tech start-up that offers customized, cloud-hosted, data science training and consulting services to corporates, governments, and educational institutions. Data Science courses by Fireside Analytics have over 250,000 registered learners on platforms like IBM’s and Coursera.

An IBM Influencer, author and NYU Stern alumni, Shingai is also the founder at Fireside Analytics Academy, a registered private high school (BSID: 886528) that only offers one course, IDC4U, High School Data Science. This course uses real-life case studies to combine 3 disciplines: Business Studies, Computer Programming, and Statistics to teach high school students how to solve problems with data. The program is available directly to students online and the curriculum is in 2 private high schools in Ontario, Canada.


5 Practical Steps to Building a Data-Driven Culture

09/11/2018 09.25 - 09.45

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In the future, there will not be a shortage of doctors, lawyers, teachers, and policymakers, there will be a shortage of people in those fields that can analyze data. From cloud computing to mobile and open data, there is an explosion of data from technology and there is value trapped in siloed departments where only a handful of specialized people are empowered with the necessary skills and work...