Trajan Schulzke

Director, Digital Transformation


Trajan is an experienced problem-solver, strategist and pioneer. He is the innovator behind a growing federal digital services design Hub and a groundbreaking services-for-business innovation lab.

He is a recognized consensus builder and digital change leader who can both create a compelling vision and lead the team to get there. In 2018, Trajan completed a dynamic career in Canada’s federal public service to lead CGI’s digital transformation and business consulting practice in the National Capital Region.

Trajan knows how to connect business units with the digital enablers in IT to collaboratively build and implement truly human-centred digital transformation strategies.


Defining Digital: How to lead an Agile, Accelerated Transformation

08/11/2018 11.20 - 11.55

Industry InnovationsBreakout1Breakout session

Don’t let fast-paced technology trends and mounting service demands keep you from leading the kinds of bold change that your organization is looking for. Defining what digital means to your clients and your organization will help you take the crucial next steps on your transformation journey. Chris and Trajan will share real-life examples and professional insights into how large-scale organizations...