Walter Knitl

Owner and principal consultant, Praxiem

Chief Business Development Officer, IoT613

Walter is the owner and principal consultant at Praxiem and the Chief Business Development Officer at IoT613.

At Praxiem, Walter provides consulting services in the area market research, commercialization and business development, with special interest in Internet of Things. Walter is a frequent speaker about IoT covering both architecture, vertical solutions and social impacts of IoT, also collaborating to deliver workshops on innovating IoT using Design Thinking. Walter has recently concluded a study an authored a report for an Ottawa economic development organization on the Ottawa Internet of Things Ecosystem and Foreign Direct Investment. Praxiem:

At IoT613, Walter co-founded IoT613 to advance learning, interaction and connection among the Ottawa Internet of Things community – including the annual IoT613 Internet of Things Conference. He plans and manages (with partner) conferences including defining the program, recruiting speakers and workshop leaders, recruiting and negotiating conference sponsors, hosting and MCing program segments. Solely responsible for and defining assembling expert panel on the Social Impacts of IoT – which was one of the most popular segments (based on post conference survey). Conference:

Walter has a deep interest in the interplay and necessary coexistence of technology and social innovation, with a couple of articles to that end.



08/11/2018 15.20 - 17.00

CirclesquareCircle StageInteractive session

At FWD50, we know that experimentation is key to growth and innovation. At last year’s conference, attendees told us they wanted a chance to network and discuss hot topics and specific domains. So in partnership with BlackBerry we created an entirely new, participant-driven format called Circlesquare.

We surveyed people to find the critical technologies and departments. And we chose these...